Marine Health

Ensuring a lasting positive impact of our sport and safeguarding the future of our planet’s waters

Our Access work enables and encourages the take-up of sailing at all levels. Our focus is on promoting diversity across the sailing community, making sailing more accessible for all, and increasing participation across the sport.


All forms of sailing depend on the availability of clean, healthy waters, primarily oceans and seas but also rivers, lakes and inland waterways. The planet’s waters are facing an unprecedented crisis and sailors and the sailing community could do much more to promote sustainability.

  • Coach boats at Olympic regattas generate 60 tonnes CO2
  • An average World Cup Series event generates 4 tonnes of waste, some of which ends up in landfill
  • Most boats are not made of recyclable material, and many are discarded when they still have life left in them

As sailors, we have a responsibility and a vested interest in protecting our waters and leading the way in sustainable practice and activity. We know that sailors are waking up to the sustainability challenge we face, and taking on the baton of protecting our waters:

  • 95.6% of sailors at the Youth Worlds in 2018 would like a sustainability and ocean conservation focus at all sailing events
  • World Sailing’s 146 MNAs supported a Sustainability Commission to develop its Sustainability Agenda 2030, which is closely aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • World Sailing is the first sporting federation t0 20121 environmental standard

We are exploring a range of possible projects within Marine Health, tackling varied issues from single-use plastics at events and competitions to alternative fuel sources for support boats. A focus on educating the next generation of ocean guardians is high on the agenda, benefitting from access to the World Sailing National Member network, and working with UN agencies and other Marine bodies to embed sustainability thinking into sport and marine infrastructure will be paramount.

Our Marine Health work has three main goals:


To improve the health of our planet’s waters

Project: World Sailing Ocean Heroes


To promote the creation and use of more sustainable products and activities

Project: Education Sustainbility Materials


To seek, promote and mobilise low carbon technologies and behaviours

Project: Sailing club sustainability resources

Safeguarding the future of our planet’s waters.

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