The World Sailing Trust has launched a Sustainable Boating Guide for Charterers in partnership with Borrow A Boat, the leading boat hire and yacht charter platform.

The Sustainable Boating Guide is the first of its kind and features advice on pollutants (both liquid and solid), physical damage caused by anchoring, the impact to wildlife, and carbon emissions.
Chair of the World Sailing Trust Dee Caffari MBE comments, “There is simply nothing quite like getting out on the water and enjoying the vastness of the oceans.

“The huge expanse of water available to us can make it difficult to understand how small changes can benefit the overall health of the oceans, however this guide provides helpful and informative advice we can all use.

“As mariners, our job is to safeguard the sea and the advice featured in the Sustainable Boating Guide will help charterers understand the importance of sustainable boating as well as the small, positive changes we can all make to preserve this environment for future generations.”

CEO & founder of Borrow A Boat, Matt Ovenden, adds: “We all love spending time on the water and being close to the sea, but for so long we’ve done so without thinking about how we are treating the sea and the marine life within it.
“With new awareness and research into ocean plastics increasingly informing us of how our behaviours can impact the ocean, there is no better time to highlight the simple ways we can all do our bit, to ensure we aren’t causing harm to our oceans and marine life, while still enjoying boating.”

From simple tips on eliminating single-use plastic on board and the optimum time to apply sunscreen before entering the water, to guidance on preventing blowback – one of the most common ways in which boats can pollute the environment – the Sustainable Boating Guide provides charterers, of all experience levels, with the knowledge they need to enjoy a more sustainable boating experience.


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