Youth Pathways

Developing the next generation of competitive sailors, by promoting and enhancing young people’s participation in all forms of sailing.

Our Youth Pathways work provides access to training, coaching and competition for talented young people around the world.


We know that young sailors in some countries have much better training and opportunities than others. The Trust wants to support young athletes who show promise in sailing but who lack the professional support to progress to fulfil their potential at the highest levels.

World Sailing’s Emerging Nations Programme supports young people and their coaches in countries with less developed sailing provision. 

This programme has a track record of success:

  • The number of Emerging Nations taking part in the programme since it started has doubled, demonstrating its popularity
  • The number of Emerging Nations teams taking part in the Youth Worlds has increased by 10% in three years, demonstrating its impact

However, there is clear scope for the programme to have much greater impact before it reaches its full potential:

  • Emerging Nations sailing teams are still small: At the 2018 Youth Worlds, 33/66 teams were from emerging nations (50%), but only 84/382 athletes (22%) came from these teams
  • Some regions offer particular growth opportunities: Out of the 382 competitors, only 4 were from Africa

Supporting more young athletes to develop and enhancing training and development opportunities in countries with less advanced programmes will grow and sustain our sport at the highest levels.

Our Youth Pathways work has the following goals:


Increase the number of sailors competing at international events from emerging nations (nations with lower sailing participation)


Enhance the provision of high level coaching and training in emerging nations


Close the performance gap between more established and emerging sailing nations

Project: SailGP Inspire

World Sailing Trust has partnered with SailGP Inspire to support an exciting programme for young people, offering unique opportunities to young sailors around the world, gaining experiences on the water and in the sport’s wider infrastructure.

Developing the next generation of sailors

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