The World Sailing Trust’s Strategic Review into Women in Sailing put forward several recommendations, amongst them a call to industry to bring together key designers, brands and manufacturers to develop best practice guidance for gender equal design that supports increased women and girls’ participation in sailing.

The starting point to develop this best practice guidance is to ensure that there is supporting data to highlight if and where there are issues, and how the industry should best address them from a practical and commercial standpoint.

The Gender Design Survey aims to gather baseline data to start the discussion whether the design of sailing equipment is impacting the development of greater gender diversity.

Gender inclusive design in sport reinforces fairness, inclusivity, and safety for all participants and, as one of the most equipment heavy sports, sailing should not be an exception.  Equipment should be designed to ensure that there is fair competition, it is inclusive  and provides a safe environment for athletes of all genders to participate and compete on a level playing field.

World Sailing Trust has been supported in the development of the survey by Women Who Sail and The Magenta Project, two organisations that are leading the way in creating supportive communities, and equitable and inclusive programmes to support greater gender diversity and inclusion.

Women Who Sail is a 50,000-strong global community of women in the boating world, providing a supportive environment, resources, and advocacy to create more diversity in sailing and The Magenta Project, has been developing pathways and mentoring programmes for a more equitable and inclusive sport for the past five years.

The Gender Design Survey looks at two main areas, the first boat specific and the second clothing, and will provide research data around several key issues that have already been identified.  The results will be published as a baseline data report as part of call to action to the marine industry to address perceived areas of inequality in design, as well as be the catalyst for further research.

Please complete survey here or use the QR on social media – @world_sailing_trust