Taking the Bias out of the Start Line is an updated series of guidelines for clubs, events, and those within the sailing community to support greater inclusivity in day-to-day events as well as bigger regattas and championships.

Shortly after the publication of the Women in Sailing Strategic Review in 2019, World Sailing Trust published brief guidelines for sailing clubs to encourage greater gender diversity. In April 2023 the Trust followed this up with the Project Juno report looking at maternity policy considerations and recommendations.

We recognise that every event in the sailing calendar is different, but we also believe that women belong in sailing, whether that be as an athlete, as an on-water official, a coach, on the jury, as an organiser or within the governance of the sport.  These recommendations aim to establish a status quo and set the ground and set the ground rules for a fair, equable, safe, and inclusive sport.

Read the full guidelines here.